Have you ever overstepped a margin? Or had one overstepped? Or felt marginalised? Or had a barrier or border to cross? Or wanted to move to greener pastures?

'Over The Margins' is a devised Vignette play that explores the theme of barriers, borders, obstacles, and margins; how people Overcome obstacles or cross boundaries, whether physical, geographical or personal.

We used the Norwegian folk story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff as a starting point when creating this piece of performance, as the themes in the story are very current and relevant to our times, touching on the themes of hunger, famine, bravery, overcoming obstacles , travel/migration/moving to 'greener pastures'.

Using different drama techniques, the group explored their own barriers, or experience of obstacles in life and improvised scenes around these issues, so many of the scenes you'll see are based on direct experiences the group members have had.

For this performance we have given ourselves an added challenge, which is that we have decided to use only live music and sound. Live music and singing has been an integral part of the devising process.

Age 12+