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Our Mel is proud to present an afternoon of creative dance, writing, and theatre produced by Black women for Black women. 

The 4-hour workshop, facilitated by Angelina Able (Artistic Director - Mulembas d'Africa) and Danae Wellington (writer & singer - Nyara Collective), is designed to create body awareness, expand on movement and draw inspiration from a range of external factors while working alone or with other class members.

Using creative art forms, your pain and trauma, go back to the child within you and experience your sense of self.

About Our Mel

Rooted in Yorkshire and based in Sheffield, Our Mel is a social enterprise dedicated to exploring cultural identity, Black history and what it means to be a person of colour in Britain today.

Inspired by two local lasses on a journey of self-love, Our Mel was born in November 2016 over a pack of caramel biscuits and a cup of tea, Yorkshire of course.

Since its birth, it has grown into a community of people on a mission is to support, encourage, teach and build the Sheffield community through music, film, arts, and education and in 2019 are hosting their third festival; Melanin Fest, in celebration of Black History Month in the UK.