This is a show about having sexual fantasies that might not align with your politics. It’s about trying to understand what you want, and wondering how the hell to ask for it- especially when that can sometimes be the hardest thing.

Using audio from real life interviews, Barbie and Ken, audience participation, and a heady mix of pop culture references, Oh Yes Oh No is playful, surreal and dark. It asks difficult questions about desire, consent and a widening culture of sex positivity. It asks who gets to speak, who gets to have a voice, and ultimately aims to give a voice back to those who have had their voices and bodies taken from them.

Age 18+

“Bold, brave work, and all the better for being filled with the voices of real women who, by speaking out, are staking a claim for their own erotic agency” The Guardian

“Startling and resonant show questioning female desire and its relation to rape culture” ★ ★ ★ ★ The Stage