N/A: New Artists is a festival celebrating the inaugural works from a selection of devised performance companies. Formed in attachment with the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, the eight companies featured encapsulate the best of the emerging talent graduating from the MA Advanced Theatre Practice course. These companies fuse the interdisciplinary focus of RCSSD’s course with previous trainings on UK and international levels to create their works. N/A: New Artists presents a varied line up, with different performance modes such as multimedia theatre, live art and interactive theatre. Each of the companies brings a distinctly unique flavour to their fields of practice, resulting in a festival of genre-bending experimental theatre.


5pm: Launch party
7pm: Tom Mason: Zero Hour Presented by Orange Skies Theatre
Two months ago I approached Tom asking if he had a show. He didn't, but said he will by the 19th of September. Let's find out how that's gone. Tom Mason is a comedian who has performed at Pleasance Theatre Islington, Underbelly Edinburgh Fringe, and somewhere in Suffolk. Zero Hour is directed by MA Advanced Theatre Practice alum Daisy Minto.
9pm: Indy Nile's Big D**k Energy by Indy Nile
Indy Nile is the North's tackiest export. Whilst serving dad jokes with a dad bod, he also teaches the true definition of ‘Big D**k Energy’ through the medium of Socially Awkward Burlesque. Within his work, Indy explores the relationship between his performative masculinity as a drag king and his own identity. Indy Nile's Big D**k Energy is directed by MA Advanced Theatre Practice alum Nicole Goodchild. 

5pm: All You Need Is Love by Dangerously Loose
The Searcher is browsing closer to an understanding of love in modern politics. Watching the drama of the Easter weekend climate protests unfold, she’s trying to fit herself into the action. But first she has to get out from under her duvet.
7pm: Unapologetically, I am... by Mo Sowole
I’m sorry this may not be what you were expecting. But I just wanted you guys to know. You’re worth more. Even when you don't believe it...you're beautiful, you’re worthy, you're enough. And nothing and no one can take that away from you.
9pm: Almost Shameless by Hot Trash
Fed up of the UK losing the Eurovision Song Contest every single year? Why not leave your old life behind and join a group of singers and dancers to compete under a new nation: New England. This new society is rollerblading down the road to success. Almost.

5pm: Daughter of Hell by 'Punkt Collective
Now relive the colossal drama of Samson and Delilah! The timeless tale, where the baddest boy in the Bible’s humble hairdresser cuts his ties with God, while six artists desperately search for someone to tell them what to do about it.
7pm: Mind the Gap by Intimate Stranger
How does an East Asian woman experience a romantic relationship in a different cultural environment? How does this journey affect her perspective and her way of thinking about the meaning of sex and the responsibilities of a relationship? 
9pm: DEADLINE by Frenetic Entropy
We as engineers investigate the realities and lifespans of the things that surround us in order to explore routes into a lived experience that is removed from our standardised human lives. This in turn will glean insight into perspectives of our world that are different from the prescribed societal norms.
10pm: Closing party 

£10 for one, £15 for two or £20 for three