Migration Matters Festival 2018 is here and what better way to open than a festival launch by Magic Magid - The Lord Mayor of Sheffield!!

18:30 - One World Choir - an intercultural group based in Sheffield assembled of refugees, asylum seekers and local people brought together through a love of singing

19:15 - Haymanot Tesfa & Arian Sadr - Amharic singer Haymanot Tesfa was born & raised in Ethiopia and now lives in England.

Accompanying herself on the 6 string krar (traditional lyre) whilst performing alongside Iranian percussionist Arian Sadr, she will sing a set of new improvisations on deeply traditional Ethiopian songs.

20:00 - Angelina Abel - Mulembas d'Africa - Angelina will bring us an African Dance Fusion performance once again focused on current social issues. Expect the portrayal of a community through raw moving energy.

20:30 - Open Kitchen Social Club - Festival favourites, Open Kitchen are back to serve up incredibly tasty grub for all hungry palates.

21:15 - 莊國鑫原住民舞蹈劇場 (Kuo-Shin Chuang Pangcah Dance Group) Flying all the way from Taiwan, Kuo-Shin Chuang will perform their raved about show '038' in a beautiful performance which reflects the anxieties and uncertainties of coming home in search of ourselves and our roots.

22:30 - The Turbans - International musical adventurers The Turbans bind together music from ‘manywhere’. The interstellar live show embodies the skill, experience and passion of intrepid instrumental explorers from Turkey, Bulgaria, Israel, Iran, Spain, Greece and England, pooling their energy and creativity in a spirit of generosity and openness that is so needed in these troubled global times. Inspired by ancient melodies they create original music for the 21st century!