Judge Moody is a grumpy old judge! He’s got it in for the illegal eagle – a bird who just can’t keep his beak out of trouble: birdglary, murder (of crows) and international wildlife smuggling. But wasn’t he just scavenging for food? Hanging out with his crow-nies? Or migrating? He’s going to end up a jailbird if top lawyer Jacques Hughes isn’t about to help him out! A silly clown kids show from Bright Buoy Productions. Praise for previous work: “Take the parents, take the kids, you will all have a laugh” (The Scotsman) “Hilarious legal advisor” (The List).

Ages 6+

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Christian Brighty is an award-winning clown, comedian and theatre-maker. Surprising to himself and others, he holds a degree in Law from University College London. Together with Luke Rollason and Tom Curzon, the trio make up Bright Buoy Productions. This imaginative clown crew create playful and silly work addressing environmental and social issues, including the ecological loss-focused show Planet Earth III, and Blue Planet III, which addresses plastic pollution.