The Nursery presents a night of improvised theatre – completely made up on the spot! Every show features a selection of talented improvisers from across the UK and beyond bringing you some of the most exciting unscripted theatre around. Watch them create everything from short scenes to an entire musical live on stage in front of your eyes!

Tonight’s show features…

James & I –  James Haskin and James Whittaker are both called James. And they make improvised theatre together. Gentle, wry and funny, the Jameses are just two average guys… until something happens.


The Hero’s Journey – The kingdom is under threat. The corrupt king’s knights gallop across the land extorting innocent peasants, the Witch of the Eastern Forest has lost her most precious enchanted sword, and, to top it all off, there have been reports of a vast and hungry dragon circling the stormy skies. The realm only has one hope left- the ancient prophecy, many moons ago, foretold the coming of a hero, and their name is… oh, damn it all, who was it again? Join a merry troupe of bards at Ye Olde Nursery Tavern (er, Theatre), as we tell an epic comedic tale of heroism, adventure, and magic.


The Nursery Ensemble