Grandad found a home in Yorkshire in 1945 after spending six years fighting and surviving World War 2. He likes a whisky and hates the ventilation in his front room. Every morning he opens his eyes and a sorrowful “bloody hell” escapes his lips as he realises he’s still blind.

Tasha found a home at her Grandad’s house after spending what felt like most of her life at war; she drinks way too much beer, has moved house over 30 times, and is trying to sell her children’s storybook to London publishers.

 ‘Jadek’ is based on the true story of when a working-class woman from Yorkshire moved in with her blind, Polish, 94-year-old Grandad. ‘Jadek’ explores how this unexpected turn of events affected both of their lives in the most hilarious, heart breaking and life affirming way.    

About the Company

imagine if theatre allows people to ‘imagine if’ within their own lives through our thought-provoking theatre productions. imagine if are known for creating gritty, exciting and unashamedly honest theatre that focuses on current social issues for intimate audiences. The theatre we create is based on the world around us comprising real stories from real people.

Age Guidance: 14+