Thursday 1st August / 7:15pm / Pay What You Feel

Interplay Now is a new project bringing together different musical genres, cultures and communities to create new music, and to encourage a deeper understanding of the background to that music both artistically and socially using educative journalism.

The UK is rich in cultural diversity and the innovative possibilities to unite us together in this are mostly underused. Our project's starting point is with a diverse group of people, mostly who arrived as refugees, who will perform, discuss and webcast a range of music which they have developed over a period of seven weeks.

We are the Interplay Now Collective.

Musicians and speakers crossing over styles and cultures

including Syria, DR Congo, UK, Sudan, Iraq, Burundi.

Featuring soloists NAJI HUSSEIN,


+ special guest ARASH SABET

PLUS contexts live and on film by InterplayNow web channel.

Presenters featuring Sudanese journalist HANADI HAJAN.

This is a multi-lingual show presented mostly in English with sections of Arabic, Swahili and French.

About Interplay Now Collective

Interplay is a collaboration between Virtual Migrants, The Refugee Council, Migration Matters Festival, Theatre Deli and Koni Music. 

Developed from pilot music workshops run by the Refugee Council, new and established artists from migrant backgrounds are given the oppurtunity to develop their skills.

Refugees are given training in music and video editing in order to create narrative songs about their own personal experiences, to then perform as the Interplay Collective, using bilingual web-casting mised with interviews, news items, poetry and prose.