Thurs 18th July, 7pm

Duration 1.5 hours

Brexit, the rise of populist politics and cries for radical reform grace our headlines on a daily basis. Britain faces huge challenges: inequality, public services under constant pressure, climate change —and in the long term the impacts of automation and artificial intelligence. At the same time, the political and economic elite seem to have reached an impasse: there is a sense that things can only get worse. In his new book, Why Capitalists Need CommunistsThe Politics of Flourishing, Centre for Understanding Sustainable Prosperity (CUSP) co-investigator Charles Seaford demonstrates that this need not be, that radical, progressive change is possible and that the polarisation and nostalgia afflicting us is not inevitable. At this discussion event, Charles Seaford and Angie Hobbs, Professor of the Public Understanding of Philosophy will be reflecting on John Ruskin’s work in relation to these themes, and turning the questions back out to the audience so we can all have a conversation together on what it means to flourish and how we get there.

Charles Seaford is a senior fellow at think tank Demos, Consultant to the World Future Council and Co-Investigator at the Centre for Understanding Sustainable Prosperity. He was formerly Head of the Centre for Wellbeing, an advisor at the Sustainable Development Commission and an organisational change consultant. He co-founded Prospect magazine and has an MBA from London Business School. 

Professor Angie Hobbs is a globally celebrated scholar in the Department of Philosophy who is known for her high-profile work championing the application of philosophy to current concerns. Her aim is to promote understanding of philosophical arguments and analysis, and explore ways they can be applied to current debates. She has shared her work through prestigious talks, including speeches at the World Economic Forum. Angie has also argued for the importance of application of philosophy to current concerns on over 300 TV and radio programmes. Her most recent publication is 'Plato's Republic: a Ladybird Expert Book'. She will be bringing her own expertise in ancient philosophy and the concept of flourishing to this discussion.

The cafe/bar and the People’s Palace of Possibility installation will be open half an hour before each event. A Future Fantastic Festival is presented by The Bare Project in collaboration with Ruskin in Sheffield, Centre for Understanding Sustainable Prosperity, Theatre Deli and The Guild of St George.