How do you find a new ‘once upon a time’ after the ‘happy ever after’ never turned up?
Victoria is on a quest. She wants happiness and she wants it now. No matter how tough, how busy, how ridiculous - she’s going all out and getting this done. Join her as she asks what do you do with the rest of your life when you don’t have kids?

It’s (Tales of the unexpected meets Miranda in this) big hearted, big thinking show of storytelling and physical comedy and maybe even some tap dancing!

About the Artist: 

Victoria Firth is a performer, theatre maker and director from Yorkshire.

She makes performance in lots of kinds of forms –theatre, comedy and live art. Almost always her shows are physical, playful and a bit perilous. Sometimes her performances have words. Sometimes not. Sometimes movement and images do what words might.

Age Guidance: 15+