Created by roll / flip / draw (Chloe Mashiter)

Horizon is a new tabletop role-playing game that brings people together to imagine a unique community in the midst of a fantastical wilderness. Through a mix of narration, improvised dialogue and an element of chance, the players and Game Master will tell one of the stories that shaped the community and its members.

A game of intimate moments in epic settings, Horizon follows a handful of characters on a dangerous and demanding journey through the wilds that surround their home. Set in a world where every success calls for a sacrifice, Horizon explores how what we do changes who we are.

This is a Pay What You Can playtest. Horizon is currently in development; to stay updated about the game, head here.

GM: Chloe Mashiter

Playtesters: Jaya Baldwin, Pavlos Christodoulou, Anna Dobrucki and Rebecca Hare

About the company:

Chloe Mashiter is a game- and theatre-maker specialising in interactive game-based performance. As roll / flip / draw they make physical games (primarily tabletop role-playing games and LARPs) and have also worked as a facilitator and co-designer for megagames (Bring Them Home, 2019, facilitator; Republic, 2020, facilitator and co-designer).

Age Recommendation 18+

This is a live playtest and so it is not possible to provide an exhaustive content description. However, the game's content and style are akin to a "PG-12" rated film, with peril and danger but little extreme or dark content.

If you have any queries or if you experience any issues booking tickets for this event, please contact [email protected].

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