Kai.lab are a London-based design collective.

Their work represents complex scientific concepts through bespoke interactive installations. They play with the mixing of light, sound and motion to create immersive experiences that often draw on themes from nature.

Past works have modelled wind patterns, connected light and soundscapes to live plants and mimicked forests with interactive origami structures. kai.lab approach their work from both a creative and technical perspective, encouraging exploration of new ideas without intention and also problem solving based design.

Honami is named after the phenomenon that inspired its creation - the effect of wind blowing through long grass. This dynamic piece is lined with motion sensors and responds to external movement such that passers by are able to drive the structure into action. Its moving components are connected only electronically, via a system that models spring mechanics, which allows these parts to "push" each other without ever touching. The resulting effect of this contactless interaction is of a slow moving wind passing over.