A new interactive, close-proximity performance which explores the nuances of modern intimacy.

Inspired by Lauren Berlant’s scholarship, Intricate Theatre’s debut production Habitus is a provocative enquiry into our collective appreciation of what intimacy is, and where it might be found. Are GP appointments intimate? Can we have an intimate relationship with lipstick? Can real intimacy be established between performer and audience member? What is ‘real’ intimacy?

Intricate Theatre is formed of three Theatre and Performance students who aim to open conversations and broaden audience’s perceptions of everyday experiences by exploring them in theatrical contexts. Using their backgrounds in performance research and their talents in drama, dance and music, they strive to create bold, thoughtful and joyous work.

You are invited to join them at their first work-in-progress production where you are encouraged to drink, laugh, sing and open yourselves up to the potential of establishing real intimacy.