GAP Salon is an informal conversational space where artists and advocates can meet, exchange ideas, and support each other. We aim to bring together individuals and organisations for discussion and action around gender equality in theatre. The Salon is open to all. Wherever you land on the gender spectrum; whatever your age, ethnicity, or orientation; whatever your level of experience in theatre; whether you’re a performer, writer, director, producer, designer or audience member; whether you’re fiercely feminist or equality-curious: you are welcome. GAP Salon started in 2013 with in person meetings and a Facebook group (here). We curated an evening of performances in 2014 as part of the WOW Festival at Southbank Centre, and co-hosted a Devoted & Disgruntled event ‘Gender and Performance: It’s Not Just You’ at Camden People’s Theatre in 2015. Join us in February for more conversation and connection at Theatre Deli.


It's an informal evening, so feel free to drop in whenever you're able to join us.

Booking for this event has now closed.