Tired of simply “entertaining” people, Blowfish Theatre have finally made a proper piece of art. 

Alright, let’s not be modest. It’s “a masterpiece about the greatest playwright who ever lived.” (Kyle Williams, the director, writer & scholar)

The True Historie of Mr William Shakespeare is:

“A work of startling originality and insight.” (Kyle Williams)

“Breath taking” (Kyle Williams)

“60 minutes long” (Rotherham Gazette)

Witness the epic tale of England’s eternal genius. Experience the artist’s struggle to bring his loves and sorrows to the stage. Attend and understand the true purpose of art.*

*Understanding not guaranteed. No dum-dums.

About the Company

Based in Sheffield, Blowfish Theatre make satirical theatre about contemporary politics (small and big “p”). Their first show, Boris the Musical!, toured in 2016/17 to critical and popular acclaim. Their follow up, Trump the Musical, was developed with support from Cast in Doncaster. Blowfish are Theatre Deli supported artists.