Photos, souvenirs from holidays past, knick-knacks and disregarded dreams, blurred lines between reality and thoughts - Grandma tries to make sense of her memories.

Somewhere far above, Opportunity Rover is stuck in Martian sand. Gradually, grandchildren stop visiting. Step by step, NASA cuts funding. A living room becomes as lonely as Mars. What will our two unlikely heroes do, all alone on their empty, distant planets?

NASA’s rover Opportunity landed on Mars on January 25th, 2004. It was expected to drive for less than a mile and shut down after around 90 days. But Opportunity surpassed every conceivable expectation and went farther than all the other Mars rovers combined. The little robotic geologist had transmitted thousands of images from the surface of the planet, transforming our understanding of Mars and paving the way for future exploration. Subsequently, it was declared the most successful Mars mission ever completed.

This Virtual Reality experience is designed as a hands-on immersive performance to get the audience up close and in the middle of the action of our stage play My batteries are low and it's getting dark.

Age guidance: 11+

Duration: Each performance will last 30 minutes 

Content warning:

Possibility of motion sickness due to virtual reality.

"I cried my eyes out" - Audience feedback

About Pyxis Theatre

Pyxis Theatre is a Polish-born migrant theatre maker and lifelong friend duo. Having trained with French artivist organisations and subsequently, at East 15 Acting School, they have specialised in non-western performance methods, world masked ritual traditions and physical theatre. Pyxis likes to create simple and heart wrenching stories that resonate with and immerse the audience on a very personal level - as they describe themselves, "an opposite of Brecht, if you’d like".

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This performance is presented as part of Theatre Deli's Shift + Space programme.


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