Mixing storytelling and memoir with live sound, live illustration and animation, HIDE is about skin and what lies beneath it. 

There’s a legend that says the power to shed one’s skin was given to snakes by accident: the gods meant it for us. But instead of being able to shuck off each identity as we grow out of it, our human skins layer up and harden into leather – a hide, to hide inside. 

Inspired by timeless folktales such as THE LINDWORM, Laura Sampson will  speak of the challenges she faces as a person of mixed heritage. Is the monster-prince of that story, tricked into shedding his hide to reveal what’s underneath, a way to understand the protective layers of identity Laura’s grandparents had to build when they first arrived in England from Port of Spain and Toco, Trinidad? 

What is the cost of growing a thick skin?

"Powerful storytelling and atmospheric soundscape"

Bloomsbury Festival 2020 audience for THE NEW MIRROR. [with Sam Enthoven]

"An evening of vivid storytelling ... the performances are throwbacks to the origins of theatre: people telling an audience a story … the audience is captivated: completely caught in the web weaved by the words gathered from centuries-old tales from around the world."

A Younger Theatre, Alternative Tarot @ Rich Mix

"Surely one of the festival highlights... audience members find themselves chilled, entertained and disturbed all in the space of one intriguing evening"

Buxton Fringe Review, for IMPOSTORS (2019) [with Sam Enthoven]

Content warning:

Some fairly graphic descriptions of skinning - but in context of a fairytale,. Strong allusions to prejudice suffered by young professionals of colour in 1960's London - potentially some use of racist slurs (in written rather than spoken form)..

About Laura Sampson

Laura Sampson is a performance storyteller, writer and noh practitioner. She has worked with organisations including StoryJam, Crick Crack Club, Midnight Run, British Library, various UK festivals, Polka Theatre, Secret City Arts, and Rich Mix. She is also a Spinning Yarns Theatre associate storyteller and member of Theatre Nohgaku. Current and recent projects include Rewilding Cinderella (Brighton Fringe), The New Mirror (Bloomsbury Festival), and Legend of the Burning Bell (British Library). The HIDE team includes regular co-creator Sam Enthoven - a sound artist who explores where sound and story meet - and acclaimed artist, illustrator, animator and designer, Andrea Aste.


Instagram: @theotherlaurasampson


Twitter: @laurasampson


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