What if a decade of your life has been hijacked without you realizing it?

What if the time of your life that felt exciting and invigorating proves to have also been deeply traumatic?

These are some of the questions that inspired and prompted the research and making of The Return.

The piece unveils an aspect of a family history, explores the surreal circumstances around a conflict building up and what goes into surviving it.

An exceptional creative team is in a new phase of development of The Return, enhancing interdisciplinary angles of the piece and will be sharing the Work in Progress at Theatre Deli’s Shift + Space.

There will be a Q+A after this performance. 

Cast and Creative Team

Deviser and performer: Natasha Stanic Mann
Devised with: Filomena Campus, Andres Velasquez
Lighting Designer: Josephine Tremelling
Sound Designer: Valentino Nioi, Chris Prosho
Director: Andres Velasquez
Music by Iva Bittova
Poem ‘The Return’ by Dobriša Cesarić

Supported by Arts Council England

Age guidance: 11+

About Natasha Stanic Mann

Natasha Stanic Mann is a performer and theatre maker born in Yugoslavia (today Croatia). She uses a blend of physical theatre, spoken word, and digital art in her work and have collaborated in creating many projects based on a cross-disciplinary approach. Natasha graduated from the International School of Corporeal Mime and Physical Theatre in London and has an Acting Diploma from ARTTS International in Yorkshire. Most recently, she has been working on a one-woman piece The Return, which she conceived and performs.

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Facebook: @natasha.stanicmann
Instagram: @natashastanicmann
Twitter: @nstanicmann 

This performance is presented as part of Theatre Deli's Shift + Space programme.


Theatre Deli's SHIFT + SPACE programme offers artists space and resources to showcase their work to an audience in order to develop further.

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