The sequel to Oedipus Rex, also by Sophocles. Translated by Robert Fagles. Sophocles completes his delineation of the great primitive emotions in a succession of assaults on Oedipus' resolve to confer on Athens the gift within his power. A strong sense of last things hangs over this play; written at the very end of Sophocles' life, a closing celebration of Athens in its 5th century greatness, it must have been written when Sophocles knew the city was headed for defeat. His last play is tragic in its outcome. But in it, for one man and for one moment, the silent gods speak, and the gulf between human and divine is bridged.

Fresh director/producer Eric Bohun (Sharrow) brings Fagles' masterful translation into the light again. Michael Newman (Gleadless) stars as Oedipus, his vocal command is dazzling. Anya Mannion (Manor) co-stars as Antigone, Oedipus' loyal noble daughter. Hope Valley's Chris Brooke takes on the wise decisive Theseus, together with the struggles of young Polynices. And Rotherham's Mitchell Nuttall tackles the formidable passionate Creon, bent on neutralising Oedipus.