Parent & Toddler creative dance sessions
Discover moving with your little one through dance, play and tones of imagination! 
No experience necessary - 
Sessions are suitable for curious grown ups and confidently walking tots from 12months + up to 5yrs.
Inspired by the methodology of ContaKids, together with her own experience of dance and discovery of movement with her own child, Tara will use physical contact to develop a deeper form of communication between parents and their children.
Working with bodily movements, song, movement patterns and lots of play children and toddlers can enhance their motor skills and self-confidence, while parents get to develop their dance skills and a bond of trust with their child. 
Adults please wear and dress your little one in clothes that are comfortable to move in.
Drop-in, £6 per child & parent £2/per sibling
£5 block booking 
Block booking info/dates 
Mini block - 3 week block either;
weeks 1-3
weeks 4-6
Full block - 6 weeks 
Drop me a message to book at

Tara is a Sheffield based dance artist and is the founder of Flying High and the Dance Network Sheffield. Tara has over 10 years’ experience working as a freelance community dance artist, working on a variety of projects from performance led work to dance workshops. She has worked with a broad range of ages, abilities and backgrounds within various educational and community based settings. She is a professional member of People Dancing: foundation for community dance and regularly contributes to the dance development within Sheffield and across South Yorkshire. 
Tara’s teaching and artistic practice has an overall person centered approach and is particularly interested in the importance of touch and human connection.