Wednesday 15th November 10am - 4pm

Wednesday 13th December 10am - 4pm

Wednesday 10th January 10am - 4pm

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We will introduce a series of performance-making processes related to body movement and material exploration. We will begin by introducing materials to our participants, allowing time with them and getting to understand their properties through playful experimentation. Then, we will be getting into our bodies through mindful movement and multisensory awareness exercises, and move onto movement improvisation tasks with the chosen material.

Throughout the workshop, participants will learn how to explore their own ideas, concepts or stories through the imaginative interaction between bodies and materials. They will get the opportunity to explore how the properties of the materials can inform and inspire different movement qualities and narratives and how these processes lead to performance making.

This workshop is accessible to anyone, that are either curious about performance making, or they are already practitioners and they would like to enrich and expand their own creative practice. There is no requirement for previous training or knowledge. 

''Simple yet profound approach to performance making''

About this event

Age guidance: Suitable for all ages

Content warning: None

Duration: This event is 6 hours long. 

Interval: This event has an interval.

Post show discussion: This event does not have a post show discussion.  

Tickets: Tickets are free and are available to purchase through Eventbrite


See our Accessibility Guide for full information about access in our venue including step-free access.  

About Olga Ntenta and Iris Athanasiadi

Olga is an experimental scenographer, lecturer and workshop facilitator. They work on personal and collective projects as performance designer and maker. They explore the notion of ‘the precarious’ and ‘the queer’ through experimental performance making processes. These practices intersect with science, engineering, architecture and dance.

Iris is a choreographer, architect, performer, and workshop facilitator. Her work focuses on the common threads between movement and architecture, mindfulness and multi-sensory experiences. Her interdisciplinary and collaborative practice has allowed her to explore multiple arts, and work with artists of various backgrounds. These include: visual and fine artists; composers; VR and computational designers; photographers and videographers.

Twitter: @olgantenta @iris_ath

Instagram: @olgantenta @iris_ath

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