The Capital Natter is a new piece of verbatim writing for performance from AЯT Theatre, channelling the voices of London’s richly diverse community and examining the issues contributing to loneliness in a post-covid world.

Our diverse team of professional actors will be interviewing real Londoners from a wide range of backgrounds and professions.

The line of enquiry will allow participants to open up about their personal experience with the social issues that contribute towards loneliness with particular emphasis on:
1. The Housing Crisis
2. Social Exclusion / Isolated Professions
3. The Ageing Population
4. Immigration
5. Hate
6. People living with disabilities

Therefore we will be interviewing people from these backgrounds/communities:
1. Homeless / Unemployed / Younger generations
2. NHS / TFL / Cab Drivers / Remote workers
3. The Elderly / Care Homes
4. Immigrants
5. LGBTQ+ community
6. People from the global majority

Our actors will audio record these conversations and stories and bring transcripts of these interviews to rehearsals as well as stage characteristics of the participants. This will form the body of the performance. We will be using the English verbatim technique, pioneered by such artists as Stephen Daldry, popularised by the Royal Court and rooted in Stanislavski's methods that will serve the audience with direct reportage on the above social problems in London whilst creating theatre and characters that examine the human condition, inspire love and kindness and celebrate all our nuances, thoughts, and differences as neighbours in this vibrant metropolis.

Interval: The company will confirm if there will be an interval closer to the time. 

Post show discussion: The company are open to a Q&A afterwards if there is interest.

Age guidance: 12+

Find Out More About AЯT Theatre:

We’re AЯT Theatre, a London based international theatre ensemble. Our creatives derive from Drama Centre London and The Boris Shchukin Theatre Institute Moscow & The International Theatre Institute Riga, among others. Creatively applying our aesthetic and ethical ideas we channel innovative principles of in-depth psychological disclosure of character, the stage ensemble, and the ideological and artistic integrity of the play into our acting, directing and staging. Until now we've worked with literature from the 19th & 20th centuries but now we are foraying into New Writing. Our first work was based on Dostoevsky’s White Nights, it was devised & developed at NDT Broadgate last year & will premiere in 2023. Our second work is based on two of Chekhov's short works: The Bear & The Lady with the Dog, and will play at The Union Theatre 11th-13th & 16th-20th August. We desire to make art that becomes a treatment for the audience's soul, presenting not a mirror but an impression of life.


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