An interactive theatre game combining storytelling and group decision-making to explore ideas of identity, immigration, and citizenship.

Everyone is invited into a large, clear space. The floor is empty. Then we draw the Line.

The Line divides the audience into two rival nations. Each side must compete for resources as together we build a new world from scratch.

We'll draw maps and flags, build schools and factories, even fight to defend our nations on the battlefields. Whatever it takes to make our nation the best it can be, and protect our side of the line.

Oh, and one last thing. Only one nation gets to survive.

Drawing the Line is an interactive theatre game combining storytelling, live gaming and group decision-making to explore ideas of identity, immigration, and citizenship. It's the follow up to the multi award-winning theatre game about class, Standard:Elite.

As resources run scarce, we can’t build enough for everyone. Who will we prioritise? And what do we do about those on the other side?

Where will you draw the line?

'top notch entertainment' **** Everything Theatre

'incredibly slick, well managed, aesthetically pleasing and just plain fun **** Theatre Box

Ages 12+


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About the Company:

Hidden Track is an award-winning interactive theatre company, pioneering adventures in theatre form that tell accessible political stories to unite and empower unheard audiences.

We experiment with new forms of storytelling, live gaming and audience interaction to bypass the barriers that can exclude audiences from the arts: developing original theatre while delivering real audience care; strong, emotional narratives; and voices that aren’t often heard on a traditional stage.

We endeavour to create work that is accessible to anyone, regardless of background or prior knowledge of theatre. Whoever you are, we want you to feel welcome, comfortable, and entertained