Jamal used to be dogmatic. Well, he still slightly is. But now he is more open to hearing different opinions. Exploring free speech, Facebook debates, police brutality, privilege and self reflection.

DOGMATIC focuses on what happened when Jamal became more aware of racial inequality and how he allowed this to consume him.

A combination of storytelling, performance lecture and protest. You will get to share your views and discuss ideas that you may agree or disagree with. This work examines the concept that all views should be expressed and challenged and asks: is no idea above scrutiny?

'Amazingly thought out production everything you said had me question myself and how I act and if I had seen anything that could be connected to racism without me noticing. Thank you for this experience' – Audience member

'Many things, I felt a sadness, uncomfortable but in safety. Thoughtful, moved, I felt the moments of humour. I felt warmth towards Jamal' – Audience member

'Just saw Dogmatic by the brilliant, smart and acute . In short, an illuminating evening. Jamal is great' – @danielbye

'Had a great time tonight  seeing Jamal Gerald’s . Considerate, generous, important, and necessary' – @florence_simms

A Theatre in the Mill commission, DOGMATIC is supported using public funding from the National Lottery through Arts Council England with further support from Theatre Delicatessen Sheffield, Cast, Live Art Bistro, Home Live Art and Live Art UK through Diverse Actions.

Recommended 18+

Please note DOGMATIC contains content that some people may find disturbing.