Get a sneak peek at the next hottest theatre shows before they hit the Fringe, Off-West-End and Festival circuits.

So what exactly is a 'Scratch Night'?

  • A Scratch Night is an exciting chance to see snippets of brand new work, ranging from immersive theatre to comedy and new writing, before they become full length shows.
  • Scratch Nights rely on two way communication with the audience, and you'll have the unique opportunity to offer your thoughts and feedback at the end of the evening.

This Scratch Night is a special Beyond Borders Edition, celebrating the diversity of Greater London and the contribution of its migrant and refugee residents.


Featured Artists:

Edin Suljic / On Patriotism in Modern Britain (temp title) - Edin grew up in the multicultural, multinational society of former Yugoslavia, moving to the UK at the onset of the tragic Yugoslavian war in 1991, eventually becoming a naturalised British. Being from a diverse background, in his writings, Edin highlights the need for facilitating different parts of our society understand each other and to find common values.

Geni Lou / Home - Geni specialises in Popping and Waacking and has been working professionally in the UK since 2015. In addition to participating to various dance events as a guest performer and dancer, her devotion to the dance has led her to be recognised and respected amongst peers nationally and internationally. She aspires to be an example of a strong, skillful female dancer at the forefront of the dance scene.  

Alex Etchart / Untitled - Alex is an Anglo-Uruguayan folk singer and theatre maker, fire-tending both the South American and British Isles/Irish folk traditions and writing new songs for contemporary social movements. From directing the internationally acclaimed Sex Worker's Opera to performing decolonial folk as support act to fado diva Ana Moura at Cadogan Hall, Alex is always shaking up traditional forms and spaces. This year for Beyond Borders, Alex goes back to basics to explore original language, poetic translation and 'what is authenticity' through songs and stories of second-generation exile diaspora, inviting audiences to feed in to how folk is kept alive, sustained, spread and grown.

Rayo Tropical - I don't know how to explain that you should care about the others - Rayo Tropical is a collective of the Brazilian artists Anna Júlia Amaral and Natasha Padilha, who have a long trajectory in the arts sector in Brazil and abroad. They are two immigrants who investigate a performance pedagogy and an aesthetic based on their biographies and the tropical-karma: the micropolitics of Latin American bodies. Their performance is a celebration of the no-knowing, the mixture, the migration of thoughts to stage, the migration of the bodies. The audience is the witness of a game between languages (body, words, music) that contaminate, transform and deform themselves trying to explain the confuse contemporary world and personal inquietudes.

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