Get a sneak peek at the next hottest theatre shows and immersive experiences, before they hit the Fringe, Off-West-End and Festival circuits.

So what exactly is a 'Scratch Night'?

  • A Scratch Night is an exciting chance to see snippets of brand new work, ranging from immersive theatre to comedy and new writing, before they become full length shows.
  • Scratch Nights rely on two way communication with the audience, and you'll have the unique opportunity to offer your thoughts and feedback at the end of the evening, either in writing or by having an informal chat with the artists at the bar!


Join us at our cosy home in Burgess Park for a night of new theatre with a focus on immersive, experiential and non-traditional performances.


Deli Scratch artists for FEMFEST 2020 are:

Maddie Hayes - STEM
Maddie is a writer and performer from Manchester. She has a degree in English and Playwriting from the University of Edinburgh and is also a graduate of UNC Chapel Hill’s Centre of the Dramatic Arts.
Maddie mixes dance, poetry and clowning in her solo work; her show Grappling had its first run last year at the Bread & Roses Theatre, and her work-in-progress ’69 has been performed at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern’s Bar Wotever, London’s Katzpace, and in Plymouth with Apples & Snakes.

Hot Trash - Wonderbread presents (in association with Gruppo Bimbo and Exxon Mobile) The Squeaky Clean Informational Fun Time Hour with Paisley Sprinkles and Kevin
Paisley Sprinkles and her co-host, Kevin The Crayfish, are seasoned professionals in the world of children’s entertainment. Join their live studio audience for the final taping of their international smash hit Kids’ Choice Award winning after school program. The only problem is, no one’s told them it’s their last show.
Hot Trash is a small collective of emerging artists who congealed like fresh nacho cheese in spring 2019 at The Central School of Speech and Drama. United by our love of clown and our hatred of The Man, we began creating devised pieces filled with biting political commentary, softened by irreverent clown work and a charming DIY aesthetic.

Koffin Productions - Red Pill
Koffin Productions, est. 2017, is a theatre company led by Icelandic actor and writer Disa Andersen. Koffin Productions makes political poignant theatre, creating discussions with interesting and imaginative storytelling. Koffin Production’s previous work includes Is This Thing On?. Is This Thing On? is a poetic retelling of the effects of domestic violence.
Red Pill by Sam Went is an anti-fascist cautionary tale about how the far-right indoctrinates people into its ranks, dramatising the radicalisation process in a way that will teach our audience how to recognise the signs and provoke discussion. Red Pill is written by Sam Went, produced by Disa Andersen and directed by Stanley Walton. Cast includes Disa Andersen, Sam Hanna, George Douglas and Zachary Trevitt.
Jordana Belaiche - W*nkers!
Jordana is a writer, director and dramaturg based in London. Her work is centred on finding and uncovering unabashed truths within and surrounding cultural narratives that dominate strands of modern life.
W*nkers is an exploration into (dis)empowerment, loss of self and narratives, words and lies we tell and are told.

TomYumSim - A Suffocating Choking Feeling by Simone Hamilton
“I am dying, but I’m not dead yet...” Living day to day, not knowing if tomorrow will come, Simone Hamilton has overcome the odds. Social Media influencer and vocal wellness expert, join Simone as she takes you on an intimate journey of self-discovery with unapologetic vulnerability. Part interactive workshop, part brutally honest confession - A Suffocating Choking Feeling is a celebration of life.
Simone is a live-wire theatre maker and singer who makes work that interacts with audiences spontaneously and rebels against an elitist view of theatre. She uses technology and unconventional mediums to create performances that are urgent, emphasising strong female voices and challenging gender stereotypes. She co-founded outrageous theatre company TomYumSim with recent credits: String Lines (Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester), Nothing Special (Camden People’s Theatre) and Rage Face (The Yard).

After the performances, join us at the Old Library Bar and carry on the conversation with the artists, in a friendly space for creative minds to meet.