Faceless Ventures presents Cruelty: An Artaudian elucidation of our internet obsession . One man’s dream is another man’s nightmare.

Faceless Ventures presents Cruelty: An Artaudian elucidation of our internet obsession . One man’s dream is another man’s nightmare.

We live in a time of instant gratification. Through social and on-demand media, people are transforming into sick and repressed beings. Partnered with Mikey Stuart from The ScareTrack Podcast, Faceless Ventures have created a theatre to rid the audience of their technological subjugation and liberate each individual. There will be no barrier between performer and audience: You will see, feel, smell and taste the uninhibited, raw emotion of what will unfold around you.

Using original music, an engaging script and a fabulous new cast, Cruelty will take you on a journey through the looking glass, where the everyday interactions we have online are brought to life and laid bare. Follow The Ringmaster on his descent into the twisted reality of our decisions, where all is not what it seems and the seemingly innocuous can be devastating.


“This theatre of cruelty truly immersed the audience in the story and made you question your own use of social media. The show would appeal to anybody who likes to get fully immersed in a concept.

If the show rears its head again I’d highly recommend going to see it and experience for yourself this theatre of cruelty.” – Scare Directory

After our sold out premiere of the show, in a basement venue in Mexborough and being nominated for 2 awards at the Greater Manchester fringe, we have been encouraged by our reviews and comments to bring the show to a wider audience. Cruelty is a 40 to 45 minute theatre of cruelty, which for those unfamiliar with Antonin Artaud, is designed to shock through gestures, image, sound and lighting. You will be immersed in the performance and encouraged to participate in the action unfolding before you.


Please note that ‘Cruelty’ is strictly over 18s – The performance contains strong language, nudity and consenting interactivity between the audience and cast

This performance also features flashing lights and may not be suitable for those suffering with photo-sensitive epilepsy.

Trigger Warnings- strong language, nudity, sexual subjects that may shock, social media reality.


About the company

Faceless Ventures dare to be unusual, different and original. We don’t follow trends or create products solely for profit - everything we do comes from a passion for what we believe.

Our theatrical company was founded in 2017 but our story started long before that. The company was formed by four members all with over a decade of industry experience within immersive theatre, scare industry, music and design. Our goal is to produce client based or original content attractions which focus on bringing the show to life; we want every single one of our guests to, not only passively enjoy the show, but to engulf themselves inside whichever theme they enter.

We have created multi sensory shows on both sides of the Atlantic, are to be featured in numerous upcoming documentary films and have collaborated with some of the leading players in the world of Immersive Horror and have also been featured in the New York Times.