Butoh Worskshop / Live Double Bass
Lead by Eliza Soroga
Live Double Bass by Thodoris Ziarkas

A two hour workshop experimenting with organic movement, butoh walk and slow motion, allowing the body to encounter time horizons and delicate sensations of various spontaneous qualities deriving from the environment. We will experiment with how our bodies can potentially transform time and space approaching body intensity in ‘nothingness’ and ‘emptiness’. 

The second half will focus on guided improvisations accompanied by improvised double base sounds.

The workshop is open to everyone, regardless the level of experience. We are especially welcoming complete beginners!

For more information email: [email protected]

Saturday 27 January, 4-6pm in Studio 3
Eliza Soroga & Thodoris Ziarkas, £22

Saturday 10 February, 4-6pm in Studio 3
Eliza Soroga, £12

Saturday 17 February, 4-6pm in Studio 1
Eliza Soroga & Thodoris Ziarkas, £22

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