Somewhere in rural North East England Jake is discovering what kind of person he wants to become. 
He surrounded by working-class men like his Fatha. Men that live by one main philosophy: as a bloke “If someone punches you, you punch them back twice as hard...then have a pint.”

Jake is starting to realise he isn’t his Fatha, and Jake’s Fatha is starting to realise he isn’t Jake. 
Jake brings us into his world, where the men are men and the pints are cold, to tell us his story about his relationship with his Fatha, and what it’s like to inherit working-class masculinity.

About the Artist

Jake Jarratt is an emerging theatre maker, performer and facilitator based in the North East of England. His work explores his experience of being a working-class, northern lad, and is made for audiences who may or may not have shared the same experience. His work is funny, charming and relatable. Jake’s work delves deep into the little truths and secrets that hide in small, rural, working-class towns and brings them to life right in front of an audience. 

Age Guidance: 14+