This is Granny's story – 10 pairs of knickers, a leap of faith, a waft of lavender, a blue suit, and true love.

True love? Does that even exist anymore? Times are hard, put on your slipper socks and join Granny – she has something sweet to share. Through movement, music and multi-sensory interaction, Granny will take you on a journey through past love from a world before. Based on a true story, Beam is about hope, a celebration of the bravery and risks taken by an older generation, and leaves the audience questioning their own capacity to take such risks in the world today.

Beam came out of a desire to bring old fashioned silliness back into an increasingly serious world and is inspired by writer Heather’s own Granny’s story. Heather had always heard about the story of her Granny travelling across the sea to be with her first love at age 23 and found it inspiring. When her Granny was then diagnosed with dementia, she decided to make a piece about the story and celebrate her Granny’s character (and all Grannys!) – lovable, positive, an optimist and a romantic.

In this information-saturated culture we live in, it is easy to forget that our grandparents have a lot of knowledge learned through lives lived, not least, through a World War. Beam asks the audience to stop asking Google, to slow down and listen. Guiding the audience gently through scent, taste, imagery and sound, Beam encourages them to remember, to feel safe again and perhaps, feel a little more hopeful.

‘In the best possible way, it feels like a throwback to a more simple time – just hearing how Granny tries to describe Tinder is worth the price of admission alone’ – Exeunt Magazine

*Includes 1hr workshop after the show*