The gathering is a chance for those interested in arts, creativity and sustainability to meet others, as well as to cross-silos and meet those from the non-arts world and vice versa.

The loose structure will be a post-it note board for people to post ideas, questions and projects. Two or three 20 minute small group chats that rotate. Then an open session to meet and discuss ideas; drink and chat!

People who come are curious, open-minded and want to meet new people and new ideas. Or are looking for people to develop projects and ideas with. People generally are interested in creativity, arts, long-termism, sustainability, investing, performing, business for good, and progress - not exclusive! All sorts come who just want to meet new people.

You can find out more about me here.  My grants funding programme here. Comments about previous mingles here. And recent random musings here.  And podcasts including with Mark Ravenhill and Sally Phillips here. 

Last Thursday of the month 6PM:

January 27

February 24

March 31

April 28

Free event!