“Don’t respond, hold my breath, move the sofa away from the wall, and lay down in the gap made between, and hide. And wait. And when they go, poke my fingers out the letterbox. Stretch them wide. Feel the cold of the air. And think, if I left them there long enough, the wolves might come, and eat me piece by piece.”

She’s standing in what used to be her bedroom. She’s come back to reclaim what she buried. The car waits outside.

On debt, eviction, childhood, and the thing under the floorboards. On what remains, long after you’ve paid it off.

After 2014’s multi award-winning Nothing and 2015’s Some People Talk About Violence, Barrel Organ return with their third show. Anyone’s Guess How We Got Here is a road-trip. A haunted-house. A bedtime story. A photo-album. An ‘80s fantasy film. A demolition project. A riot.

Unsettling and intriguingly disruptive” -★★★★ The Stage, August 2017

Gripping and unsettling… An inventive and unnerving hour that counts the cost of debt” -★★★★ What’s On Stage, August 2017

“A seriously clever piece of theatre”★★★★ Broadway Baby, August 2017

“This young company are the future” – The Guardian