Advice taken and ignored, tellings off, pep talks, and tales of her past. We were always scared of sounding just like her but maybe she was right about some things.

Part gig. Part their Mums living rooms. Bonnie and The Bonnettes delve into motherhood, womanhood, and femininity through conversations with their Mums, armed with three microphones, music, and a bottle of Prosecco. They are a tribe of women that have shown us the way and it’s time to celebrate so put on a buffet and crack open the bubbly because they are our Mum’s and it’s about time we chant it.

About the Company

Bonnie and The Bonnettes are a theatre company based in the North East (Newcastle). Their work is
sometimes about them, sometimes about other people, but mostly about the world they live in. They like it
when audiences laugh. They like it when they think. They really like it when they do both at the same time.
Their work is loud, fun, and unapologetic.
“The trio present a colourful united front against the world” - A Younger Theatre

Age Guidance: 16+