This is a story about me and ‘Steve’ - Steve is not in fact his real name, but a pseudonym, for a friend I’ve known for a long time, who I suspect may be a massive racist…

We’ve not always seen eye to eye, different football teams, different taste in girls - but I never thought I’d be accusing him of being ‘A Nazi’ in a car park of Lidl on the night of June 9th. Kind of ironic now that he introduced me to ‘Nazi Punks F**k Off’ by the Dead Kennedy’s.

It’ll be Alt-Right is the story of friendship, disenfranchisement, punk-rock and a global movement - born of economic, political and social frustrations. Though a fusion of theatre, comedy, cabaret and jazz-punk, Alt-Right explores the discourse between two lives and asks what it’s like to be a disenfranchised young man in modern Britain.

Is conservatism the new punk?

Age 16+

Strong language and strong political themes.