For International Womxn’s Day, we are putting on A FAB cabaret night! Get it? AFAB? Assigned Female at Birth. Anyway. With an array of drag kings, queens and in betweens we are celebrating all that’s drag and all that’s female over the course of one FAB night, sorry. Hosted by the ever fabulous Heather Duster, you're in for a treat.

Heather Duster is an AFAB Drag Queen, Gold Rush Season 3 Finalist and all round hygiene hero, her goal is to clean up the world one mess at a time. Buckle up for a night of raucous behaviour from a whole host of performers giving you back to back acts that won’t disappoint. Celebrating a wide variety of styles and artists, this promises to be A Fabulous night.

In the first of hopefully many nights to come, (AFAB)ULOUS aims to break down barriers, defy norms, switch up the scene and show off some of London’s best artists.