Stand Up Course: Beginners and Emerging Comics

Are you a total beginner, with little or no stand up experience? Or a new comic, with a few gigs under your belt? This course is you for you! A safe, supportive place to explore how to write and perform stand up! Over 10 weeks, you’ll learn how to generate material, find your comedic persona and hone your stage presence. As you progress, you'll create a 3.5 minute set, for a showcase in the final week, in front of a live, warm and supportive audience, at The Museum of Comedy.
Dates and times for 2021:  Saturdays, 4pm - 6pm, from October 16th - 18th December
Showcase at The Museum of Comedy in the final week (Saturday 18th December).  
Dates and times for 2022: Saturdays, 4pm - 6pm, from January 22nd - 19th March
Showcase at The Museum of Comedy in the final week (Saturday 19th March).  
Price:  £200 (£175 concessions)
Instagram: @ayntheatre

Booking for this event has now closed.