She comes to my door and tells me she’s been diagnosed with depression and I think–not this again”
My friend.
My sister.
My step-dad.

A piece about mental health and offering support.
About not getting it right all of the time.
But trying.


★★★★★ - 'Totally human, and raw, and urgently, desperately of the most uplifting and touching moments of theatre I have seen in a long time’ (Upper Circle)

★★★★★ - 'One of the most informative, effective and inventive pieces of theatre I’ve ever seen' (LondonTheatre1)

★★★★ - 'The subject matter may appear dense for some and suggests a dark and dreary work would follow. However A Pint Sized Conversation is absolutely not that. It is witty, clever, anecdotal and real, not to mention enthusiastically uplifting’ (Ask The Ushers)
A Pint Size Conversation is created and performed by Dylan Frankland, Rosa Day-Jones and Tobias Grace. Dramaturgy by Madeleine Allardice. Produced by Kill The Cat. Developed and supported by Arts Council England, Hall For Cornwall, IntoBodmin, University of Exeter and The Bikeshed Theatre.

Kill The Cat is an ongoing collaboration between theatre makers Madeleine Allardice and Dylan Frankland. They make work that is bold, witty and keenly interested in how performance interacts with audiences, creating a shared sense of community and ‘play’.

They are currently developing 2 new shows: 

TALK. (an immersive experience combining performance with installations, examining loneliness and building connection between strangers).

THE HOUSE NEVER WINS (an interactive performance tackling the cost of climate change. Participants are invited to play rounds of poker and “gamble” for the fate of the planet).

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