From the underground Berlin Kabarett, via the glistening Moulin Rouge to the flamenco bars of Spain, The House of Q celebrate the international art of cabaret by sharing tales of the continent and  5taking a jaunt through cabaret's European roots. Come raise a glass to Europe.

Burlesque vixen Felicity Furore, musical magician Neil Kelso and gender-bending clown Alexander Luttley have been creating full length shows with their unique take on variety performance as highly acclaimed collective The House of Q. Celebrated artists in their own rights, they have explored how their separate disciplines can compliment and challenge each other to shape performance in interesting ways. From immersive cabaret-noir to sparkly West End kick lines, The House of Q has been challenging the constructs of both cabaret and theatre by combining them. Together, they champion high quality, accessible and varied performance for audiences and events worldwide.