Deli Broadgate

Theatre Deli's Cafe/Bar is the ideal choice for a breakfast meeting, or a post work cocktail. With events nearly every night of the week, we're the creative place to be in Broadgate. 

Ming Lu, 'Pussy'

In her self portrait Pussy, Ming Lu plays with language and visual puns, addressing society’s common reductionist discourse by letting a cat figure peaking from her pants take centre stage. Read more

Karen Byrne, 'She's All Legs'

My work explores the fears and constraints of female identity and the way in which society often defines women purely by their physical form. Read more

Maliheh Zafarnezhad, 'I am Pregnant with Two Jackals' et al.

Every aspect of my existence – from how I must dress in public, to the subjects I can study at university and the jobs I was allowed to do in the workplace – was closely controlled. Read more

Heiðbjört Bára Borgarsdóttir, ‘Untitled’

An homage to a past life and lovers. How to think about the imagery of nude women without it being sexualised by the viewer. An important statement that the painting is coming from a woman's perspective and how that can change the viewers criticism. Read more

Chloe Roach, 'Mother Superior' et al.

Chloe's paintings provide insight into a world where the uncanny and sometimes frightening elements of life are embraced. The subjects within the paintings demand attention; they wish to have a dialogue with the viewer and confront them. Read more

Eleanor Green, 'Girl power'

This piece aims to rectify that I, and many women I know, have never felt it noteworthy to talk about when we've been so scared we've put keys between our fingers when we've walked home at night. However normalised, it's an act acutely symptomatic of the powerlessness woman can experience in public places, and deserves visibility and consideration. Read more

Minjoo Kim, 'Good Girls'

The stories in my paintings always start from substituting specific women (or myself) in virtual narratives. These women are randomly placed in isolated, ironic or confusing situations which represent certain issues in the real world or personal crisis. Read more

Veronica Valeri, 'Sun Queen'

This painting represents the powerful feminine beauty, that on my vision has no time or place, western and eastern, of the past and of the future. When a woman has the chance to express herself totally, she is definitely a queen. Read more

Shaina Manuel 'Untitled' & 'Frances'

Shaina's personal work mainly centres around humans and emotional responses. Read more

Kate Kelly, 'The Judgement of Charlotte'

I seek to adjust or subvert the relationship between the viewer and the viewed. I am interested in giving womxn space. Inviting them to occupy space in the physical sense and by suggestion in a broader political sense. Read more