Vincenzo Muratore, 'Shape of a Dream'

'The only way in which we can face our problems is to understand ourselves, discovering the most hidden part of our soul, digging up our dream from oblivion.'Read more

Russell Haines, 'How Low Can I Go?'

'I began painting after suffering a brain stem stroke at the age of 44 to help cope with the loss of my business, relationship and home.'Read more

Robert Hickerson, 'Well, That was Fun' & 'I Tried'

'Photography, with its immediacy and malleability, allows Hickerson a platform to examine masculinity, lack of intimacy within queer dating, isolation and depression, and how to relate to people and himself.'Read more

Megan McAuley, ‘Male Proportions’

'From creating this ongoing series, I wanted my photographs to raise awareness for the men that can’t speak out. 'Read more

Luca Bosani, 'Knave of Radiance (Gunboy) & (Bang Bang)'

'The work is an attempt to reinvent masculinity through visual metaphors and icons promoting alternatives to oppressive patriarchal power structures.'Read more

Kelly Frank

‘people are a process in which they simultaneously reveal and hide themselves’Read more

James Sirrell, 'Beachy Head'

'his piece focuses on the relationship between climbing and falling, or in more brutal terms, the masculine epitome of absolute success and absolute failure.'Read more

Eve Kennedy, 'Doing Fine'

'We say 'men don't talk about things,' but when they do, do we know what to say? The statistics regarding male suicide are overwhelming, but not beyond hope.'Read more

Alex Papachristou-Cox, 'Boy' & 'Lovely Cloud/Daffodils'

'I hope with my art, and the pieces I have submitted, that they open the need to talk.'Read more

Adam Hurst, 'Overbearing Virtue'

' 'Overbearing Virtues’ dismantles distinctive depictions in the hopes of empowering others to embrace their insecurities and break their boundaries in the journey towards self-acceptance.'Read more