A Story of Seeking Refuge Far From Home

Nina loves adventures. She’s always getting herself into scrapes! But this adventure is very different. This one is for real. 
Join Nina and her brother Taz as they embark on an epic journey over land and sea seeking refuge far from home. With a stunning live music underscore, this coming-of-age tale shows
that when things get tough, the most unlikely of friends and a belief in yourself can guide you through to safety.
UNICEF recently revealed that nearly half of the world’s refugees are children. This play by Youaremine is about how some of those young people make that difficult journey away from home, alone. The Runner is a tale of young people’s survival in today’s harsh world told with warmth and humour. Long-listed for Amnesty International Freedom of Expression Award 2017.

The Old Library, Camberwell

Saturday, August 4th
11:30am & 3:00pm
Pay What You Decide