Bring A Picnic and Your Sense of Adventure

Join us for a celebration of the final day of Rain or Shine with music, games performances and fun activities for children.

Mandinga Arts – Learn basic circus skills, choreography and try your hand at drumming in the drop-in workshops; experience Mandinga’s costumes and interact with playful colours and join in the parade at the end of the day.

Terabac – Interact with their travelling troupe of insects. A visual and dramatic walkabout piece involving magnificent costumes made from reclaimed materials. They tell tales of transformation and regeneration interspersed with songs.

Louise Bland – Deep winter has set in the Giant’s garden. The children are locked out by a very high brick wall built by the Giant. Why is the Giant being so selfish?! Explore how you can bring summer back to the Garden and help the Giant see the errors of his ways.

The Old Library, Camberwell

Sunday, 5th August
Pay What You Decide