Ming Lu 
Beijing, China

Ming Lu (b.1993, China) produces works in a diverse range of media, including painting, photography, sculpture, installation and performance. She lives and works in Berlin, Germany.

In her recent works Ming Lu takes inspiration from everyday materials, humorously adopting symbols and language from Chinese history. She uses many ordinary daily objects in her works, such as cosmetics (notably lipstick and facial masks), lingerie, hair extensions, furniture, and food, and transforms them into anthropomorphic playful representations of the female body and the female experience.

In her self portrait Pussy, Ming Lu plays with language and visual puns, addressing society’s common reductionist discourse by letting a cat figure peaking from her pants take centre stage. This metaphorical and farcical use of everyday objects to speak of important issues is a typical technique of the artist, her work often veering between abstraction and literalness; between the familiar and the uncanny; between absurdity and gravity.