Megan McAuley
Cheltenham, England

‘Male proportions’ is a series dedicated to the everyday man who is faced with unrealistic representations of the male body and appearance in the media and how it can affect their mental health.

I have studied men’s mental health for many years, including my time at University. In classes everybody would straight away look into the subject of feminism and as much as I would stand up for women’s rights being a woman myself. Nobody was thinking about men and what it’s like for them in the media. I searched and searched and although a few things were being done, there was nothing that stood out to me. This year, Male suicide is often called the ‘silent killer’ as it is the single biggest cause of death for men under the age of 45 in the UK.

The silent killer.

Throughout this series, you will see all types of men in different shapes and sizes. The ‘real’ men and you may ask why the pillowcase? Men feel like they can’t speak out, and although they are happy on the outside, how are they feeling on the inside? The pillowcase represents the barriers that men tend to put up to avoid discussing their feelings and insecurities.

From creating this ongoing series, I wanted my photographs to raise awareness for the men that can’t speak out. The media should be equal for everybody and stop making men who work hard, have families and do their best in life so ashamed of themselves.

It’s time to take a stand for men and create a difference.