Luca Bosani
London, UK

Luca Bosani is currently artist in residence and Lecturer at Kensington and Chelsea College, London. In 2017 he obtained a MA in Contemporary Art Practice at the RCA London. In May 2018 he presented his first UK solo show at Kensington and Chelsea College gallery exploring themes of identity, mental health and masculinity through painting, fashion design and performance art.

KNAVE OF RADIANCE (suicide)' and 'KNAVE OF RADIANCE (gun boy)' explore suicide and suicidal tendencies in males. In both paintings the penis is depicted as a potentially lethal element: In 'K.O.R. (suicide)' the figure is strangled by his erected phallus, in the shape of an airplane; in 'K.O.R. (gun boy)' the penis turns into a loaded gun, ready to fire. The colours and symbols used in the composition refers to different psychological situations: In the darkness of the night of 'K.O.R. (suicide)' the knave is experiencing anxiety, sense of oppression and nausea while during a hot afternoon, following a love fight, the 'gun boy' is aggressive, self-destructive and tachycardic.

'KNAVE OF RADIANCE (BANG BANG)' focuses on violence, sexuality and male stereotypes. The figure is holding a banana as if it was a gun; the banana is an innocuous weapon but also a humorous reference to the male sex. Large pink snakes, sculptural shoes, an unusual uniform with a muscular bicep and the word 'MAN' on it appear in the picture. The work is an attempt to reinvent masculinity through visual metaphors and icons promoting alternatives to oppressive patriarchal power structures.