Karen Byrne
London, UK

Karen Byrne completed a BA (Hons) Fashion at Middlesex University and previously worked as a Strategic Planner in the design and branding industry. Interested in human motivations, identity and psychology Karen also studied psychology at Birkbeck College. 

Her artistic practice encompasses mixed media imagery and textiles using a variety of techniques to explore ideas around the human body and it’s meanings.

My work explores the fears and constraints of female identity and the way in which society often defines women purely by their physical form. Sometimes humorous in expression – the idea of a woman who is literally ‘all legs’ - I also explore the fears and anxieties around the body and how we might be perceived to be always on display. An existence limited to outward appearances can create a terror at the inevitable ending of that physical self - by addressing those anxieties I seek to confront them and allow us to put them aside.