James Sirrell
London, UK

James Sirrell is a London based artist primarily working with photography and found objects.  He is co-founder and curator at Exchange, and he studied his MA at Chelsea College of Art. He has exhibited at The Courtauld and Battersea Arts Centre in London, as well as internationally in USA, Belgium and Germany.

“My practice incorporates ritual and collection as a process to create work, as well as an outcome; often my work is very time consuming and hands on. Playing upon historical tropes and stories, I create fictional narratives that seek to investigate mental health, isolation and issues around masculinity.”

Triptych (Beachy Head) is a part of a wider project investigating suicide and mythology in Beachy Head and the wider Eastbourne area. This piece focuses on the relationship between climbing and falling, or in more brutal terms, the masculine epitome of absolute success and absolute failure. This mental struggle is contextualised, or perhaps it is better to say disguised, by the backdrop of the nostalgic seaside holiday.