This is an invitation to co-create the future of work - just how we want it.

What sort of work will we be doing in the future? What sort of work do we want to be doing? In a world of economic instability, rising inequality, automation, casualisation, and the possibility of a universal basic income, our future jobs look uncertain at best.

With expert imagination and facilitation from Sarah Woods, we’ll co-create the future of work – as we’d like it to be – and work out how we might get there.

Part performance and part conversation, this workshop will bring together ecological economist and playwright Tim Jackson and Helen Rice to co-create the future of work - as we’d like it to be, and to explore the hurdles that stand in the way of us getting there.   We’ll be drawing on ideas of utopians Charlotte Perkins Gilman, William Morris, John Ruskin and the Cokaygnian folk - and the bar will be open.

Sat 6th July, 7:30pm/ Hosted by activist and playwright Sarah Woods

Duration 2 Hours

The cafe/bar and the People’s Palace of Possibility installation will be open half an hour before each event. A Future Fantastic Festival is presented by The Bare Project in collaboration with Ruskin in Sheffield, Centre for Understanding Sustainable Prosperity, Theatre Deli and The Guild of St  George.