Francilla Seaton
London, UK

'I'm a fine artist working in mediums such as paint, photograms and print making including etching. I originally studied fashion and textiles, though I had a talent for drawing from an early age, making extra ‘pocket money’ creating portraits and art work for friends at school, a particular favourite were my pencil drawings of page three models. I moved from Luton to London in 2009 to study fine art at Kingston University, where I developed my practice Zions-i Art to Inspire, Motivate & Uplift.'

Continuing my final year project Genesis Timelines and Maps, attempting to turn black history into a London Underground style map where each ‘station’ is a creative interpretation of a significant event in our timeline. Informed by research, creating exciting work which combine science and art. My creative style is architectural graphic, graffiti wide-style accents, sprinkled with cosmic elements to give an ethereal vibe allows play with illusion of travelling back and forward through time.